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Oct 21, 2009

Sofie Vangor at Tempus Arti

Location : a tall old watermill that - because of the use of the colours - looks like a dollshouse... it is inhabited by tiny little people...

... with endless stairs spiralling upwards to the top.

Looking down, and we've not even reached the upper level yet.

There is one level higher up but it is closed to the public.

So, now that we are here ... where is the artwork?

All over the building, from top to bottom, are teeny weeny little shelves with teeny weeny little people cut out from very old photographs.

Sofie Vangor creates intimate scenes where the people pictured come back to life, she brings them into the present.

There are so many of them one would like to invent a story to assemble the different scenes into a storyboard or picture novel.

The picture below is just to show the size of the artworks.

I could not find a personal website of Sofie Vangor, but HERE is more of her artwork.

part of Tempus Arti triennial art route this summer
36 international artists - interaction between local environment and art installations.
posts on Tempus Arti via this LINK.


wim said...

Is that Wim, looking at the lady in red ??

hildA said...

yep, that is my dear hubby.