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Oct 16, 2009

Jan Van Craesbeeck at Tempus Arti

Vijf voor Twaalf

5 before 12 is a composition in the landscape, built with re-used discarded metal elements found at a store being renovated. The shape is reminiscent of fish. The five fish in the water - with their colour they are the symbol of evolution, they transform from water animals to land animals - stand in front of 12 fish on land. The twelve fish on land symbolise the present time. 5 before 12.

part of Tempus Arti triennial art route this summer
36 international artists - interaction between local environment and art installations.
posts on Tempus Arti via this LINK.

1 comment:

wim said...

Knap idee en ook in beeld gebracht.
Dat zouden meer mensen moeten doen, eens op hun 'horloge' kijken.