to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Dec 18, 2008

going wild on scrappy bags

This clearing ... yes, the sewing room ... triggered a rather weird thing.

I suddenly felt like making bags -after three scarves and a vest. It takes some time to work out a model with the bits and pieces of fabric available, all from my treasure chest.

Up to the second - I thought I liked the first one, but now with this material I know what my favorite will be. Have to work out a new model for this as the pieces and scraps have different sizes. I'm having a great time in the sewing room, neglecting everything else now.

Dec 15, 2008

the Sequence - Arne Quinze

The Sequence, an 80 meter long and 15 meter high sculpture, generates movement in the city and creates a bridge between people. On a unique location crossing the Parliament with the House of Flemish Representatives.

Pictures taken at dusk; I will have to come back at daytime to try to get sharper ones, my fingers were freeeeezing.

The whole process of building day by day can be seen on the blog of the Sequence :
Cityscape by Arne Quinze in a previous post : HERE

Dec 12, 2008

fascinating world map

reproduction of a world map designed by R. Buckminster Fuller

I'm absolutely fascinated by maps of all kinds, I could spend hours and hours looking at them. This one is pretty fascinating because of the unusual view. Where usually you could point out where you live quite easily, it takes some effort to work it out now (in Europe anyway). It is a Dymaxion-map which shows less distortion of relative size of areas. Use the link to have a look at more ways to look at the world.

at the Brussels Biennial :
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Dec 11, 2008

something to read at Brussels Biennial - extras

Part of the exhibition at the Brussels Biennial suffers from technical problems. But at the ticket counter no-one said that part of it is closed. Tickets are only valid the day of purchase.

Another part that is not working. We asked for the second stamp at the reception where the person did not know what was happening. We were not able to return to the exhibition, but I would like to check if we can get in again to view the - hopefully repaired - works.

So, with this as a start I thought I post a few more pictures I took at the exhibition with more stuff to read. Interesting or not, I just like to take pictures of it. Some of the works have been posted previously with other photos.

title of part of the exhibition

detail of two panels by Christine Meisnerher work is about colonial and precolonial history

I used two previous pictures in a previous post, but they actually fit better here.

Gert Robijns

Sister Corita

This part of the Biennial is in a former Post Sorting Center. Labels and stickers of previous employees are still present on windows.

the yellow paper says : I thank you for yesterday, I am happy with you today, with you I hope for tomorrow
translation of the white paper : keep smiling
I guess it was someone with a positive nature that worked here

Karla Black

You used to be part of something
Vaast Colson

Luc Deleu

more info on the Brussels Biennial : UPDATE : I removed the link as it seemed to be broken and showed something completely different and not related.
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Dec 9, 2008

Alexandra Bircken - installation at Brussels Biennial

knitting and sewing scraps in a completely different way

Alexandra Bircken

this is very inspirational and will eventually help to clear my sewing room a bit faster

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knitting and sewing scraps

A post that has hardly anything to do with the title of my blog, but here it is anyway.

Still clearing the sewing room which results in starting to sew and knit the material I don't want to throw away. And for the time being it is simply the warmest and cosiest room of the house to work in.
But at this pace the clearing might take a year or two or ...

I guess I'm inspired by the season

soft silk material finally finds its use, I'm knitting as if my life depended on it

Dec 6, 2008

Once is nothing - Brussels Biennial

Once is nothing

This exhibition is based on a previous one. The artworks are absent but the titles of the works and names of the artists are displayed. The room is empty but full of memories and history.

the list of the absent artists participating at 'once is nothing' : HERE

But somewhere in the large empty space I spot this 'installation', I suspect Kermit.

piles of perforated boards, 4 versions + different perforations = 4 different languages
pick up a board and move towards the next table with this on it :

only the chosen language will be visible and a coherent text appears

info on Once is Nothing by BAK : HERE
all posts on the Brussels Biennial : HERE

Kanwa Adikusumah

Kanwa Adikusumah (West-Java, Indonesia) carves delicate spiritual sculptures ranging from 1,5 cm to more than 300 cm high from Indonesian and European wood.

more info on the 'Fêtes de la Saint-Martin' art tour :
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