to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Mar 30, 2012

the take-away garden

The previous days with glorious summer weather certainly put an end to our hibernation.  Time to do some gardening...  I tend to move bushes and shrubs after a few years as if they were furniture.  Maybe this is the kind of garden for me?

The take-away garden
designers Steve Papps, Jo Chapman, Jackie Bennett
at the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire in 2011

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Dufthaven in Copenhagen

Mar 11, 2012

Dré Wapenaar - sleeping in trees

Dré Wapenaar

amidst the peaceful fields in the beautiful countryside in Limburg, Belgium. 

4 pod shaped tents hanging from trees

intriguing and funny

last year they were part of the art tour Bloesemimpressies at Borgloon, now they're back

from 21 March 2012 until 30 September 2012 one can stay overnight

per tent there is room for 2 adults and 2 small children
70€ per night + (optional) breakfast at 30€ per tent

reservations (open since 1 March2012) contact Toerisme Borgloon

pit - art in the open space of Borgloon
a project by Z33 - house for contemporary art

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