to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Apr 29, 2008

open studio - Ine Lammers

entering Ine Lammers' creative world; a colourful welcome in the garden and an original handshake that leads to the work 'roomscape - existential figures'

Music sets the mood in this room where delicate works in pencil, charcoal and watercolour are displayed. The barbed wire is placed in a way that it cuts a part of the body referring to the meaning of each drawing.

the passage to the studio of the artist

reflected works in the studio
oops, sorry, I missed the D on top

Apr 28, 2008

artists' pets

We visited 30 studios over the weekend during the open studio days, en I absolutely enjoyed it. It was worth cancelling my participation in the tour this year. I need to sort hundreds of pictures, but here are a few with the pets we met.

Apr 27, 2008

open studio days

a very busy weekend, some 40 artists' studios to visit. no time to make long posts with many pictures. but I promise a lot of beauties in days to come.

Apr 26, 2008

Linda De Nil - open studio

Self-taught potter Linda De Nil makes wood fired ceramics. In her own build Anagama kiln she produces natural ash glazed stoneware & porcelain.

her latest pottery shows a mixture of clay and porcelain

pictures taken late after sunset, so they are not the best quality. have a look at her site to see the better ones.

open studio this weekend, more info on Kunstroute-Leuven
All posts on Linda De Nil : use 'search this blog' on top right of page.

update august 2010 : new address for Linda De Nil's site :

Apr 25, 2008

Carlos Aires recycling and reshaping

Love is in the Air
cut-out vinyl lp
this is only a part of the composition, the stand on Art Brussels 2008 was quite small, making a picture of the whole was not quite possible and there were many people around. To see the best pictures of the whole thing use this link to Aeroplastics contemporary
each piece is unique

Apr 23, 2008

art in crochet - Joana Vasconcelos

Have a look at Joana Vasconcelos' website to see more of her crochet artworks. Truly amazing.

this puts my attempt of covering a chair in crochet in a different perspective
seen at Art Brussels 2008

Apr 22, 2008

crazy beans

I just loved the bright colours of the lines on the dark grey carpet
seen at Art Brussels 2008

Apr 21, 2008

inspiration at Art Brussels

still working on chairs for Anita's project, I found this inspirational chair at the

it is from Sammy Engramer -Malevitch en TGV 1994- at Galerie Claudine Papillon

Apr 17, 2008

fashion shoot

Sonny used our barn for a fashion shoot 2 days ago, so in the previous days we were very busy clearing it from 150 year old dust. Model Tine was very brave, during the day the first part of the shoot was in a cleared forest and there was an icy wind blowing. The shoot in the barn, and then it was even colder, went on until 11 p.m.. It takes some courage to be a model.
the picture is not very sharp, I didn't want to take pictures with a flash, not to disturb the professional at work.

Sonny building the smallest pyramid used in the first part of the shoot. Have a look at his blog to see what happens with it.
will post more pictures later.

Apr 16, 2008

art tour - open studios

The annual art tour in Leuven-Belgium is coming up. I'm not participating this year for various private reasons, so I will be able to look at other studios myself. In the previous years it was quite frustrating that as a participating artist you're not able to visit the other artists.