to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Jan 28, 2010

Hugues Siptrott - studio visit

A secret valley, hidden in the French woods, a piece of heaven.

Hugues Siptrott works with pigments on panels.

I could crawl into every nook and cranny to take pictures just trying to capture the atmosphere.

To view more posts on Hugues Siptrott and his work : type his name in the 'search this blog' on the right of the page, a few posts will appear. I will post more of his sculptural work later.

Jan 26, 2010

Dave Meijer at H8 x 12

Detail of 'Somewhere under a roof below the blue sky'. Acrylic and oil on canvas and panel.

The work comes with a box where all parts fit in nicely.

Part of the 'Gedeelde Horizon' exhibition at H8x12, a space for contemporary art.
From 23.01.2010 until 07.02.2010.
See also yesterday's post.
more info on Dave Meijer via this LINK

Jan 25, 2010

Paul Gees at H8 x 12

When visiting the Lineart Art Fair some weeks ago, the work of Paul Gees (B) caught my attention; I'm always drawn to sculptures and installations combining wood, stone and iron or steel. So, when we received an invitation to the exhibition 'Gedeelde Horizon' at H8 x 12 - a space for Contemporary Art , I was keen on seeing more works.

from January 23 - 2010 until February 7 - 2010 at H8 x 12

Artist Dave Meijer is part of the same exhibition. Here is the POST.

Jan 22, 2010

a short one

VIRUS by Priels Gauthier
I photographed this about a year ago in a gallery, I redisovered it just now.

Jan 20, 2010

Mario Ferretti - wood

This weekend we start felling trees to make firewood for the next winters. I wish I could handle the chainsaw as skillfully as Mario Ferretti, I love this.

Jan 18, 2010

Truc Troc - exchange fair

I was looking forward to this event, we missed it last year. On arrival at the location it was clear more people did not want to miss this either; there was a very long queue outside in the cold but - luckily -sunny weather. Inside, room after room was packed with art loving visitors. But I'm glad it didn't discourage us.

For one weekend, hundreds of selected artworks from hundreds of artists are on display at one of the leading Museums of Brussels-Belgium. At the entrance the visitors get a pen and post-it notes. The idea is that when a work of art captures your attention and you would like to own it, you can leave a note with something you offer in exchange against the artwork. Money is not allowed. Lucky artists will choose the most seducing offer after the event.

All kinds of visitors, young and old, bourgeoisie and students of all sorts, singles and complete families .... they all have this look in the eyes : will the artist accept my offer in exchange of my favorite artwork?
Already at the back of one of the many rooms do I spot a painting I saw just a few weeks ago at Dirk Eelen's studio, and which I liked (here is the POST about it)
Google 08 - Dirk Eelen - But I can't compete with the generous exchange offers.

I spot a familiar face (not the ones in the foreground), it is painter Antoon Verbeeck (on the right).

Have a look at his site to get a better view on the painting.

And at the time we visited the exhibition late Sunday afternoon, he gattered the most post-it notes. A previous post on Antoon Verbeeck's studio HERE

People leaving notes everywhere. This is work from Bob Van der Auwera.

Dorothée Van Biesen

Joyce Caris

Joyce Caris

Julie Arnould

Michèle Grosjean

Nicolas Velter

Olivier Delatte left - Matthieu Claus right

Feeding the birds - Peggy Wauters

... and the desperate note from a fan.

Robin Vokaer

Rohan Graeffli

Sarah Robin

I recognized the technique immediately, I had seen similar work at the Afforfable Art Fair last year and was impressed. It is from mixed-media artist Sonia Aniceto. Here is the POST about it. I would have loved this one but did not post an offer, was not really prepared.
Names of artists are difficult to find, the tiny labels are hidden under post-it notes.

For privacy reasons I blurred names, phonenumbers and emailadresses on the notes I photographed before posting.

Occasionally the notes will propose an exchange for items similar to the ones on the artwork. In this case a note offered a set of sheets and two pillows.

This note does not refer to the work above but was next to three artworks with erotic scenes. Translation : the body of my husband for one night and I'll watch. I blurred the email address for obvious reasons.

There are notes with tempting and valuable offers, other notes just express appreciation, there are the funny ones ... and some are just plain rude and insulting (anonymous off course). This one just says : I would prefer if you kept it with you (again, not refering to the picture above this one).

Some notes will make a nice link with the desired artwork : the stitched canvas against ...

... usefull sewing lessons.

Everywhere there are people writing notes, trying to compete with so many other offers.

From humble dinners ... to fully catered holidays in Paris or exotic places, or an opportunity to stay at a B&B in Bruges for the rest of the artists life. One could spend the day reading all the notes, and I must admit it put me in a good mood as - in general - the comments are nice and fun to read. A few successful exchanges can be found HERE.
I'll have to stop here, and I apologize for not making links to the artists (except the ones I already have). There were so many of them it would take too long to find out if they have a site or not. If someone knows ... I'll be happy to add it.

We definitely want to go back next year and in the meantime I will think of possible exchanges. I want to be prepared when I find THE artwork I've always wanted but did not know until then.