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Jan 5, 2010

old & new - carvings in stone

Greeting the New Year from the top of the Steinkopf hill in the Northern Vosges-France.

The Steinkopf is an overhanging rock on the summit of the hill and shows traces of hunters that date back from 5 to 6 thousand years.

Not a prehistoric hunter, just my man showing the size of the rock.

The erosion creates intriguing patterns and colours.

The stone slabs with markings left by prehistoric hunters sharpening their tools.

Patterns vary in shapes.

The Steinkopf hill seen from across the valley of Windstein.

Some 6 thousand years later - to greet the new Millenium - Hugues Siptrott asked 19 contemporary artists to complement these carvings. Their drawings were carved in a rock found in the local forest. 'Le Grand Gres' was erected opposite the Steinkopf.

There are more carvings, but the sun was playing hide and seek and there was not enough contrast in the pictures to show the details.

Carving on the right is from France Siptrott, a passionate sculptor and owner of the nearby charming "Auberge de la Faveur".

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UPDATE 18.10.2010
At the end of October 2010 'Auberge de la Faveur' is taken over by a new owner.  It will have another name and have a new chef in the kitchen.

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