to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Jan 28, 2009

blurred vision

Very busy now making new work. Working on a series I won't reveal just now. Only a few hints and sneak previews with blurred pictures every now and then.

Jan 22, 2009

reflection in black

my studio reflected in wet black paint
I think some of these might work as real paintings

and a self portrait
it does make me look slimmer, the wrinkles though are going the other direction

Jan 20, 2009

work in progress

Finally, I found my drive again. Very busy busy busy these days finishing lazy projects and starting new ones. Hardly any time to keep up my blog and other things. This column of stacked ceramics and mosaic is not finished, still needs grouting and a top.
Oh yes ... it is called "La vie en rose".

Jan 16, 2009

slow re-start

After weeks (actually months) of inactivity on the art front I make a slow start. While clearing studios and attics I rediscovered projects that were never finished; because they did not turn out the way I wanted or I was missing pieces to finish the job. I decide to have a fresh look at them and try to get something out of these neglected pieces. And hey ... now it does seem to work...

... I'm going much higher than originally planned. Not finished yet with this stacked ceramic sculpture. But I like my fresh start.

Jan 15, 2009

the light in the studio ...

... is just gorgeous right now.
I love this low winter sun. And I'm hooked on shadows, I love shadows (I've got plenty of them on my flickr pages) ... and this one is great.

The smallest of the glass columns; I've blogged it before but I like it better in this picture taken today.

Jan 14, 2009

Paul Van Cauteren - glass sculpture - open studio

Pictures taken during last years' open studio days in Leuven. This is part of the gorgeous studio of glass sculptor Paul Van Cauteren.

I was SO impressed with his storage units all over the place, even right into the garden. Metal parts neatly stacked; wood bits neatly stacked, ...

my idea of heaven (being an assemblage artist)

Jan 9, 2009


a magical garden this morning

and this is the view on my garden from the sewing room, nothing beats this today

but I do feel sad ...
children are dying in wars right now

Jan 6, 2009

Kevin Van Braak - furry boxing balls

There is not much going on right now, recovering from some nasty bugs that got me at the end of the year. Going through my photos I discover pictures I forgot to post. This is one of the artists exhibiting at the Verbeke Foundation last summer.

Another - permanent - work by Kevin Van Braak on the site of the Verbeke Foundation : Camping Flat, a 4-storey high scaffolding, each level equiped with a tent, camp-fire, animals... it is possible to stay overnight and breakfast is served in the cafeteria.

It is worth going through Kevin Van Braak's site to discover other intriguing works.

Jan 5, 2009

Mémorial du mépris - Jean Pirnay

Coming back from spending the holidays at my fathers' near the German border we passed this field in a tiny village. It was obvious this was an art installation.

Jean Pirnay is a local artist who expresses the social tragedy caused by the recent worldwide economical crisis. A few powerful men have caused losses of millions of jobs, and get away with astronomical bonuses.

Jean Pirnay
last picture taken from his blog
UPDATE january 18: more victims have been added to the memorial. The following pictures provided by the artist.

Jean Pirnay asks people to participate in the artwork by bringing workgear that can be attached to the crosses, symbolising the loss of jobs.
Jean Pirnay about his work on local television HERE
A post on an exhibition with more works by Jean Pirnay HERE