to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Jan 31, 2011

grey days in Paris

I love Paris in the ... well it happens to be winter, so we'll do with a few cloudy cold days.
Staying in the vivid Belleville area and walking all the way towards the city centre, colourful walls attract my attention.

On the local market nearly every van has been tagged.

One of the smaller streets has paintings on walls, doors and windows as far as one can see.  Pictures were taken at dusk and turned out to be too blue.



Museum of Quai Branly, more on that in the next days.

more Paris the next days...

Jan 26, 2011

portraits in wood

The wooden sculptures by artist Anja Weinberg in yesterday's post remind me of another wood sculptor we saw at the Art Brussels Fair last year.

Stephan Balkenhol

A totally different style of portraits in wood by Aimé Mpané

info on current exhibition with works by Aimé Mpané HERE - until 27 February 2011 -I hope to get there one of these days.

Jan 25, 2011

"MINIATUREN" at Galerie Freitag 18.30

It happens so often ... we rush to an exhibition the very last day. 
Artworks in "miniature" allowing the gallery to invite 28 artists from 6 different countries.  A glimpse on some of them.  Our time was limited, so I didn't capture everything.

Thomas Schönauer - Molekulare Skulptur - steel, epoxy
with unintential self-portrait
Joost Meyer on the wall

Robert Bischof - Mister Club - lead, concrete

Romain Van Wissen - Une Situation Donnée Voit Le Jour - acrylic on canvas
more work of the same artist in this post

Susanne Walter - 'woodcut'
the artist goes into the forest where she picks pieces of wood and makes a print of them on paper, the wood remains in the forest

Vera Sous - detail

Petra Deta Weidemann - detail of  Balkon (sold in kit) - wood, concrete, thread

Kai Savelsberg - Kopf zu! - oil, acrylic, wood

upper right corner, detail - Mikael Jacobsson; bottom, detail - Romain Van Wissen; right Harry Meyer

More works in the new extention of the gallery - works not in the "Miniaturen" exhibition.

Hubert Heinrich - Küchenpersonal - acrylic on canvas

a very small detail of the large painting above

Anja Weinberg - wood sculptures
similar work by another artist in tomorrow's post

François Du Plessis - Encyclopedia Brittanica - detail of his latest artwork
find more posts on this artist in 'search this blog' on top right of page and a studio visit (and interview on Dutch television) HERE

Alexander Freund - Bahn Frei - kinetic art - sand, glass, wood, magnets
reminds me of Sjef Meijman's work in this post 

Patrick Siemons - Georg Elser - wood, chalk, resistors
A tricky one to explain as the translation does not quite give the real meaning. 
Georg Elser , decided to assassinate Hitler in 1939 with a selfmade bomb - he was the only person to do this solo - which exploded thirteen minutes after Hitler had left the room. 
The resistor(s) used in the portrait are called Wiederstand in German which is the same word for resistance (as in opposition against the Nazi regime)

Sigrid Von Lintig - Harry Meyer - Romain Van Wissen

more info on the artists HERE

By chance do we get an unexpected peek at the upcoming solo-exhibition of painter Sigrid Von Lintig (left).

Sorry for the not so good picture Robert Mertens (gallery-owner, on the right), this is a snapshot as you were rushing past.

upcoming exhibition
I m m e r w i e d e r S o n n t a g s

S i g r i d v o n L i n t i g, M a l e r e i
4.2. – 26.02.2011
Opening night: Friday, 4.2.2011, 18.30

Jan 21, 2011

Michael Bastow at De Zwarte Panter

la femme en majesté

undeniably influenced by Gustav Klimt

la femme en majesté
Hoogstraat 70-72-74
until 27 February 2011

have a look at the gorgeous chapel in the South of France on his site (click his name)

Jan 17, 2011

Kawamata in miniature

My mind is still on wood and digging in the archives of unpublished pictures I found these taken at the Art Brussels Fair last year.

The doll's house version of his larger projects.

Tadashi Kawamata (click to access his site)

more Art Brussels archives HERE
and more in the next days

related post

Jan 16, 2011

Rewind - redesigning and upcycling

Friends, living in Antwerp, took us to a shop yesterday they were sure I'd love to see.  And right they were, this is right up my alley.  More scrap wood !!! and more delightful recycling.

Replex Table by Ruud Van Hemert & Stijn Van Oorschot at
I'm speechless ... not able to describe the ingenious beauty of this table. 

Jacqueline Le Bleu makes spectacular furniture with recycled wood.  Have a look at her site to dicover breathtaking pieces.

Fun and colourful furniture made from books, more Jacqueline Le Bleu.

More scrapwood furniture, artist unknown ...

I've been making smaller objects with scrap wood some months ago and have more plans in this direction.  This seems to be popping up everywhere now.  Can't get enough of it.

birdhouses by Bom Design Furniture

Designer unknown

Stefan Lehner - Chain Chair

Old chair covered in painted canvas.  If I'm not mistaken this is Swarm by Leslie Oschmann.

Gascase Diesel & Fuel

Seeing these lights - in the following picture - got me into a light shock...

very similar to my Good Mood Lights (HERE and HERE) but still different enough.  Lights by Gino Rizzi.