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Aug 24, 2009

Brigada Ramona Parra - wall paintings

A unique space - normally not open to the public - hidden in the dunes. A tunnel passage leading to the beach. Striking colours, bold lines, an impressive mural.

Saqueando nuestra historia

the mural tells stories about fishermen, Chilean mothers, poems, songs ...

a great view on the exterior of the tunnel : click HERE found on Flickr
A young woman, Ramona Parra was shot and killed in Chile in 1940 during protests marches against a new government. From that day on her name lives on through the underground art movement that decorates the streets of Santiago with illegal art and political propaganda in favour of human rights. The arts collective that calls itself the Brigada Ramona Parra travels the world making murals protesting against the global tendency towards kapitalism.

location : De Haan - hidden in the dunes along the beach
Triannial of contemporary Art by the Sea Beaufort 03
28.03.2009 - 04.10.2009 - all along the Belgian coast.
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a great view on the exterior of the tunnel : click HERE found on Flickr

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Peggy said...

Oh my! How amazing. Such beautiful, powerful art. Such an important mission. Thank you for sharing this!