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Oct 26, 2013

Karin van der Molen - wood mood

It's this gorgeous time of the year; walking through the wood we're enjoying colours and the scent of fallen leaves... and art.

Karin van der Molen - Stop Motion - 2013
inner and outer landscapes
september 6 - november 3 2013
We're busy chopping wood in our 'forest' to get our supply of logs for the next winter.  Karin's work is very inspiring... I might have a go at making a similar work on a smaller scale in our own backyard.
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Apr 21, 2013

gorgeous trash - superb waste - splendid junk - magnificent rubbish

I have no idea what the best translation is, but it more or less covers the - dutch - title of this brandnew book released the day before yesterday.

by Jan Van Craesbeeck (grafic designer and passionate recycling artist) and Lil Meert (photographer)

The first time I saw Jan Van Craesbeeck's delightful junk sculptures was quite some years ago during the first Kunstroute-Leuven, a local art tour.  I didn't take pictures back then, my digital camera came much later.
During the opening of the Upcycling Festival at CREAZI (mentionned in previous post) we had the opportunity to see most of the artist's work again.  The conditions to make decent photos were not so good, here's a tiny selection of Jan's exquisite little creatures.

The Upcycling Festival at CREAZI was the perfect moment to launch his book.  It shows, apart from many artworks by the author and artist himself, various other artists from all over the world working with discarded materials.  Encounters with unique personalities, art brut artists in the original sense of the word (by Dubuffet), designers of one of a kind interiors and furniture.  All with one thing in common : the use of waste, junk, trash, rubbish...

To my astonishement I find myself pictured in the book...
There was this photoshoot so many months ago but nothing was heard from it since so I thought the whole thing was blown off or this project didn't fit in the book.  Well there it is, the beautiful Arbus Reïnc, the tree built with reclaimed timber from the roof of our renovated barn. 

The tree that needs to guard our fallen appletree hit by a storm almost two years ago now but still alive.  And although the tree was my idea and concept, built with our material and built in our orchard I never could have built it without the help of Clemens Maassen.  He is the architect of Arbus Reïnc, technique and design are his contributions.

I'm enjoying the sunday afternoon reading inspiring stories about people with a passion: turning unwanted objects into treasures.

Jan Van Craesbeeck
Lil Meert
Uitgeverij De Draak

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CREAZI - Upcycling Festival

CREAZI - a taste of waste
rethinking recycling

Its been a very long winter in so many ways and I'm just trying to wake up from a deep state of hibernation. Many things and events kept me away from art, design and kitsch hence the silence on the blog.
One of our first happenings this year brings us to Hasselt in the Euregion, the opening of the Upcycling Festival at CREAZI.

CREAZI has a great concept.  Becoming a member as an artist means getting access to various free materials donated by volunteers and companies with overstock.  Materials are very diverse and may only be used in artwork and unique design pieces.  CREAZI is also linked to the local Kringwinkel (thriftshop) so material includes a great variety of worndown ecclectic pieces of junk and other stuff.

The festival started with an exhibition by artists using this free material.  I particularely liked this wooden assemblage from crates, I've used these slats to make furniture myself some time in the past.

19-28 april 2013
Hasselt - Belgium   view the agenda of different workshops and more

On the opening night there was a presentation of a book on upcycling... a book with a surprise I didn't expect. More on that in the next post...

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Upcycle Festival  (click title)

Jan 17, 2013

DENMARK - the artist

No, not talking about Denmark the country in northern Europe...

DENMARK - V.9.72 - 1972

DENMARK - Data - 1975

Denmark - Fake Library - 1981-1983

DENMARK - the best magazines of art to be collected - 1989

DENMARK - Attrape-Mouches - 2000-2004

DENMARK - Absolut Library - 2010

DENMARK - Parrots - 2006-2012

DENMARK - Horizontaal versneden veilingcatalogi hedendaagse kunst - 2010-2012

DENMARK - Artforum - 2010-2011

DENMARK is a Belgian artist whose real name is Marc Robbroeckx.
I do love his work.  First saw it many years ago in Antwerp at a time I didn't make pictures so I don't have anything to show from back then.  Such a pity, it was a great soloshow.
Now we just got the last day of his show at Museum M in Leuven, Belgium... only six works exhibited here.

It inspired me, so off I went to buy a sharp scalpel... dissecting old magazines... wondering what will 'pop out'.

DENMARK  (click to enter artist's site)
Museum M - Leuven, Belgium

Jan 15, 2013

a bit rusty...

trying to catch up with my blog I do have problems uploading pictures... it is not working the way it used to.
once I can get this fixed I'll be up and running again...