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Nov 29, 2008

local exhibition & tribute

Jeanny Reynders

Our municipality organizes an exhibition with local artists every two years. It's the Weekend van de Lubbeekse Kunstenaars - Weekend of the Artists from Lubbeek.
More than 60 creative people display their work.

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November 2008
from 11.00 until 18.00
at PBE, Diestsesteenweg 126
Linden - Lubbeek

This edition pays tribute to late Anita Huybens.
Visitors can bring a stone or pebble to participate in an active way to remember this artist; during the exhibition the following days a stoneman will rise. The significance of stonemen were an inspiration for Anita's work and ideas.

setting up the exhibition

setting up my work (not a lot this year)

installation detail from ceramist Martine Vanbever

Steve Haesevoets

Live live live ....

a moving sculpture by Anita Huybens

the Flowers for Peace on display at the local town hall

info on her Flowers for Peace project :
info on her Chair Project for the Palestinian Circusschool :
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UPDATE : the stoneman's birth and at the end of the first day

Nov 28, 2008

sculptural ceramics at the art tour

Ronny Seeuws

ceramic light sculpture by Jacqueline Leyman

Linda De Nil
woodfired ceramics

Patrick Jadot

stunning work by Patrick Jadot

Patrick Jadot

I absolutely loved the pieces made by Patrick Jadot
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Info on the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin :
Update August 2010 : new web address - Linda De Nil :
- have a look at the slideshow that pictures the firing process in the kiln
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locations at the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin

Other popular locations for the artists are houses being renovated. A whole house at their disposal, with interesting walls as backdrop. Advantage : an empty house has lots of rooms to put many artists at one location. It makes sure people will stop here.

But the weather is changing, it is a very early winter this year. It adds charm to the art-walk and tour. But for some artists present, exhibiting in an empty house or stable or barn with no heating - and this 4 weekends in a row - is quite exhausting.

For the visitors though these locations have a lot of charm. This house is literally filled from the attic down to the cellars.

Muriel Solliard

Lou Hendryckx

Lou Hendryckx

Dominique Noël

Dominique Noël

the theme of these paintings is the "Princess Elisabeth Antarctica" - the first zero emission research station

Nicole Lisochub

and Fanny Taymans, Colette Van Damme and Lucy Kalin

info on the art tour :
The antarctic station Princess Elisabeth :
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Nov 27, 2008

farmhouses at the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin

One of the reasons I love this art tour is the choice of amazing settings where artists are invited to display their work. Many private homes - small and bigger - open their doors to the public, but there are some pretty old farmhouses to visit. To get to some of them a bit of cross country is part of the tour.

The most spectacular farm must be the Ferme de Wahenge, set in an unspoilt environment which is quite rare in Belgium. The first record of this farm dates back to 1194 and excavations indicate an ancient Roman settlement.

and this year it is painter and photographer Dominiq Fournal who is invited to show his work

Dominiq Fournal :
More pictures of the 'Ferme de Wahenge' are found on this site that promotes shooting and filming locations :
And an idea of the size of it all here : the large building in the back is the barn where the paintings are exhibited.

Another impressive farm is the Ferme d'Agbiermont. The founder of the Fêtes de la Saint-Martin is late Max van der Linden. His family lives here since more than 10 generations.

this room houses the permanent collection of ceramist Max van der Linden

and I could not resist some lovely details

Max van der Linden :
Fêtes de la Saint-Martin art tour :
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Nov 26, 2008

Flowers for peace - Fêtes de la Saint-Martin art tour

The tour started with nice autumn weather, perfect for a long walk along old narrow streets and sculptural walls.

I can't remember the wall was like this last year.

at one of the locations a garden with Anita Huybens' ceramic poppies - flowers for peace

a striking mosaic wall with pebbles in between two locations

info on the project flowers for peace :

info on the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin :
all posts on the art tour 2007 & 2008 : click HERE

windows and art at the art tour Saint-Martin

While going through the hundreds of pictures I took - I know, I guess I'm somewhat hooked on this little camera - I noticed I like to take pictures of windows. So, lets put a few of them together.

I did not register the name of this artist. It is one of these 3 : Nelly Bruneel, Christophe Abbes or Aurélie Vink. Apologies to the artist. If someone does know who it is please leave a comment.

here too I'm not sure about the artist, but I think it is Maryline Coppée

Nicole Lisochub

...and these shoes seem to be on the lookout and waiting for their master to get home to be taken for a walk.

more info on the art tour - Fêtes de la Saint-Martin:

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