to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

playing with stones

Occasionally I have the opportunity of making stonemen.  I just love doing so.  Could do this all day.  So from time to time I will add some pictures of my little men here ... taken at sunrise, noon, on a cloudy day, sunset ... because they just look lovely in every kind of light and I can't get enough of it.  I'm certainly not an expert, just playing.  I'm not a landart artist.

north coast of Brittany - France

Vosges du Nord - France
next to a waterhole in the forests of Windstein

A tiny stone-woman at the Saint-Lawrence river in Quebec, Canada.  No time to build a decent one, it was along a walking trail and was I disturbed by a busload of tourists.