to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Sep 30, 2008

Contemporary fine craft - Montreal

The gallery-boutique of the 'Métiers d'art du Québec' offers a wide range of unique and limited series of art pieces produced exclusively by professional Quebec artisans. Glass, wood, ceramics and jewellery.

Stephen Pon

Maude Bussières

Gilles Payette

Colin Schleeh

Gary Merkel

Elyse de Lafontaine

Pascale Faubert

Marie-Ange Samon

The gallery is located in the Marché Bonsecours at the old port of Montreal

Sep 28, 2008

contemporary art at the old port - Montreal

Among the more traditional galleries in the busy old Montreal area, this one was a surprise. Great space and a nice break from the others. In the middle of setting up a new exhibition.

woven photography by Martin Rondeau

The gallery delights eccentric and passionate people.
espace B51 exhibits young emerging artists who work with a variety of unique mediums.

other artists on present show : Zane Turner, Jean-François Lantagne, Maximilian Wiedemann

Sep 27, 2008

Galeries at Belgo - Montreal

The last of the series of pictures on the galleries in the Belgo building. I did not take these to present the works of an artist. I was so impressed by the location I could not stop trying to capture the space and atmosphere. What first looked very uninviting and unwelcome was surely worth the long visit. Exploring the corridors on 4 different levels, peering through half open doors, disappointed at the closed ones ... it was well worth the effort.

Galerie René Blouin

André Martin at Galerie B-312

Lilian Rodriguez

Jérôme Fortin at Pierre-François Ouellette

Projex-Mtl Galerie

Janice Kerbel at OPTICA

More galleries in Belgo click

More info on ongoing exhibitions from an insider :

[SAS] at Belgo - Montreal

Carlito Dalceggio

I must confess that I was particularely interested in the chairs. For the new-comers here on this blog : I do have a serious chair-addiction.

And I just can't get enough of these great settings for exhibitions, so different from all the smaller (and quite boring) galeries in the Quartier du Musée.

more on the galleries at Belgo click

and more info on ongoing exhibitions can be found on this site :

Sep 26, 2008

Luz at Belgo - Montreal

Encore une Fois / Once Again

Elisabeth Geraghty

Fascinating, delicate little sculptures made of matchboxes, cardboard rolls and paper at the Galerie Luz.

more galleries, click on Belgo

I did not find a website for the Galerie Luz (there is none mentionned on the business card), nor for the artist Elisabeth Geraghty. Looking for more information I found this site about the Belgo buildng. If you want to stay tuned on ongoing exhibitions have a look here :

SBC gallery at Belgo - Montreal

La Clef by Lyne Lapointe
at the SBC gallery

Pictorial, sculptural and musical installation. A panel (on the right of the first picture and in the back of the second) is connected to several other panels that have a musical instrument built into them : a violin, a rain-stick, a mandolin. It is also connected to a chair with an accordion. Different switches on the first panel will activate the connected instruments on the other panels and the chair creating a 'concert'. The back of the panels is meant to be seen, artwork on both sides.