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Jul 30, 2010

two more artworks that stayed ...

... after the first two editions 2003-2006 of the Triennial Beaufort Art Tour.

Acqua Scivolo - Anne & Patrick Poirier (FR) - Beaufort01 - 2003
The sculpture on the sea-dike in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke copies the floor plan of the ruins of a medieval abbey church nearby.  It will find its permanent place next to the museum Ten Duinen, the location of the ruins. 
A view at part of the ruins in this post with last years' colourful installation.

Another artwork that moved from its location on the beach in Middelkerke-Belgium onto the Casino front in Blankenberge-Belgium.
Baby's - David Cerny (CZ) - Beaufort02

Pictures taken last year.
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We're not attending many art events lately, but I still have many unpublished pictures from past ones.  Will post more of them soon.

Jul 29, 2010

art sand dunes sea

Last year seemed to be a summer full of art tours and events.  Am I missing information about events this year? 
More sculptures from the first two editions of the Beaufort art tour that remained on our coast.

Overlooking the sea in the distance ...

... hidden in the dunes ...

... a wooden giant ...

De Panne - Belgium

Another giant on the beach...

Zoals de man die boot zag, in de lucht - Jean Bilquin (B)
Zeebrugge - Belgium

Pictures taken last year.  To view all posts on Beaufort Triennial click label below.

Jul 28, 2010

Wim Delvoye X 2

Digging in my archives I discover many unpublished pictures because of lack of time.  But nothing is lost ... only delayed.

Caterpillar 5bis - Wim Delvoye - Beaufort01
The sculpture was part of Beaufort Triennial at the Belgian Coast.  Taking place every three years all along the Belgian Coast, some of the sculptures are purchased by the coastal towns and remain on the site, or - in some cases - moved elsewhere.  This sculpture is from the first edition in 2006, we discovered it only last year while visiting the third edition of the event Beaufort03
All posts on last year's edition via this LINK.

I find another picture I took at the Art Brussels Fair the end of April 2010.
A scale model of a similar sculpture in the Gothic Works by Wim Delvoye on the left, taken at the boot of Gallery Guy Pieters.

More archive pictures the next days. 

Jul 27, 2010

Eurode art tour ... with delay

With some delay (only by 2 months, oops) a few pictures of an art tour we visited while in the area visiting my father.  It took place in a town on the Germany-Netherlands border.

First of all we went to see François du Plessis latest Book Stories (previous post).

I found the tiny sculptures and installations of Claudia Breuer quite charming.
She creates scenes with the tiniest creatures.

Discover Claudia Breuer's unique world of drawings, photography, installations and objects on her site by clicking her name.

paintings by Alfred Reuters

detail of painting by Carl Thomas

detail of sculpture by Brele Scholz

mixed media by Lex van Wijk

This painting caught my attention because of the scene seen from the window right next to it ... the vertical and horizontal lines of both next to one another were quite striking.  I'm sorry I forgot the name of the artist - if someone knows I'll gladly add it with link if their is one.

Click on artists' names to link to their work.
Seen at Eurode Art Tour 2010 - Kerkrade-Herzogenrath / Netherlands-Germany

Jul 24, 2010

du Plessis X 2

Our last night in France.  We haven't booked a room as we did not know where and when,  we're confident we'll be lucky.  It seems that we will spend the night in the Seine Maritime region and decide to take the empty and peaceful country roads in search of a small charming guesthouse.  It is high season, so this will not be too obvious ...  We see a few signs along the road but no free rooms.  I suddenly let Wim stop the car because I noticed a well hidden board in the hedge.  A last minute cancellation ... we do have a room!  Small and humble manor from the Napoleon era amidst the fields, a charming landlord. 
Cosy, comfortable, simple 'country chic' room. 

This sign on the bedroom door intrigues me.

The lady of the house, artist painter Aline Laurent, kindly invites guests to visit her studio.

She paints local scenes and her paintings are spread all over the globe since many passing tourists staying in the guesthouse like to purchase a souvenir from their travels through France and Europe.

A decent dinner in a nearby restaurant, just what we need for the night. 
It is only after a few hours that we hear we're spending the night in a house called Manoir du Plessis, located in the little hamlet de Plessis, Vatteville-la-Rue.

And this reminds me of the fact I still have unpublished pictures of the art tour where we saw François du Plessis latest artworks a few weeks ago.

Book Stories - François du Plessis
seen during the Eurode Kunstroute 2010 the last weekend of May. 
Sorry for posting this so late!  I do have more material from other artists, will post it the next days.

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Jul 23, 2010

Arne Quinze X 3

First there was this wooden sculpture at Art Brussels 2010 a few months ago.  Still have a lot of unpublished pictures on the art fair.

Black Eye CU Stilthouse - Arne Quinze - Gallery Guy Pieters

Second : a few weeks ago in Vienna-Austria; walking towards the centre I see a similar installation in a shop window, so I decide to have a closer look...

... at more sculptures by Arne Quinze at the Swarovski centre in Vienna.

And third, only very recently ... the impressive installation at Rouen.
Visible as soon as one drives into the city.
Over the central bridge Pont Boieldieu, luckily traffic free as long as the installation is in place.

We saw two similar installations in Brussels some years ago - Cityscape in this post and the Sequence in this one - with very smooth flowing lines; but this one is somehow different...
... instead of the fluent lines and cloudlike rounded shapes of the previous installations, this one reminded me of the flames in a fire.  And then I noticed this sign on the bridge :
The ashes from Jeanne d'Arc - Joan of Arc - were thrown in the Seine near this bridge.  I don't think there is a connection with the artwork, but it is a nice hint if it is one.

Camille by Arne Quinze is a temporary installation for the Festival Normandie Impressionniste 2010 - Rouen Impressionnée - and will last until August 29th.  The wood will be recycled.

The whole project from start to finish on this blog :