to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

May 31, 2008

walking sculptures - Julian Opie

Along O'Connell street in Dublin - 4 different light-sculptures of walking figures, from artist Julian Opie. It is amazing to look at the grace of the movement, these figures show a very natural walk. I made a tiny video of it at night, in very bad conditions from the top of a bus, but I haven't worked out how to edit this. So I will post it later.

And here's a post with VIDEO

May 30, 2008

letters and words

Just a few snapshots from this day

Irish literature with a view

The Guinness Storehouse, a place worth visiting. Located in the heart of the St. James's Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse is a 7 storey visitor experience.

The Gravity Bar at the top floor is a 360 degree panoramic bar. This is where we ended our day with a nice dinner, a very good live music band, and the best view over Dublin while the sun was setting. Perfect.

May 29, 2008

Ed Chapman - mosaic portraits

Just by accident did I walk in the Green Gallery in Stephen's Green Centre - Dublin. The current 'Stars exhibition' shows these amazingly accurate portraits in ceramic tile mosaic.

Ed Chapman is one of UK's leading mosaic artists achieving incredibly detailed results. More portraits on his site.

(my photos are taken in not so good conditions, there is a reflection in the tiles)

May 28, 2008

crystal seats

one of the 80 seats created by the architect Frans Van Praet

double cut crystal - with a light inside and its own air conditioning system !!

Back from Spain, now we're leaving for Dublin. Wim has to be there for a couple of days and I'm joining him; a nice opportunity to see this lively city and the arrival of a new member in the family. Wim's Irish half-sister Fiona gave birth to her second son.

Meanwhile waiting in the airport as many flights are delayed due to a plane crash a few days ago, and it is still blocking one of the airstrips.
First time we have the time to sit on one of these crystal seats by the Belgian crystal manufacture of Val-Saint-Lambert. They are designed for the Belgian pavilion at the Seville world exhibition of 1992.
the price of the latest version? have a look here

Belgian humour?

at the Brussels airport

this is not an advertisement, I don't drink the stuff

May 27, 2008

art & charm - Hotel Chamarel

Walking through the streets of Denia - Alicante - Spain, Leentje showed us this small family hotel hidden in a quiet street. The sign outdoors already caught my attention, part of a painting I recognised.
Yes, once inside there was no doubt, it is part of a painting by a Belgian artist, Fernand Khnopff.(the painting behind the bar)
A kind young woman was happy to show us the premises.

Charm is definitely a keyword to describe this beautiful and restful place.

I can almost imagine the people living in this house in a glorious past.

Stylish furniture throughout the house.

Each room has a different style and every where throughout this old town house are paintings by Vidallach, one of the owners.

Details are carefully chosen to complement the style and feeling of each one of the rooms.

More info on the Hotel Chamarel site.

May 24, 2008

Salvador Mollà and Art-Aromatic

While in Spain, my sister-in-law took us to this wonderful sculpture garden Art Aromàtic. The garden and sculptures are made by a very kind and talented artist, Salvador Mollà.

"Art Aromàtic is Salvador Molla's new project, in Xàbia. This consists in a sculpture landscape living together with aromatic plants. In a land dignified for centenary carob trees and the Montgo's omnipresence.
... Art Aromatic tries to be a kindly landscape where visitors can stay, surrounded by creative sculptures of several materials and natures, between dry land an subtle herbal aromas."

Salvador Mollà works basically with ceramics - but also with iron, wood, glass, steel - making curious contrasts.

May 21, 2008

outdoor living in Spain

details of the walls built by Robert Vandevelde, acupuncturist living and working in Javea, Spain

this is the gorgeous place where we spent last week

sculpture by Robert, made in Australia

my man enjoying his sisters' house

Leentje's recycling - she puts her old jewellery on an outdoor candleholder

just gorgeous warm colours everywhere

mosaic details

- no comment -

I just LOVE those pebbles in the wall

new life reaching out

a cool corner to relax

the outdoor dining area

with yet another sculpture by Robert

a cool spot in the shade to get out of the hot sun (we did not get this time)

the workout space with a recycled beam from a torn down mantelpiece



and I never get tired of the gorgeous African wax fabrics - the colours and bold patterns never bore me
the outdoor kitchenpebbles from the beach - actually dumped building waste reshaped by the sea - make nice mosaic figures on the walls

thanks Leentje en Bebert for the nice stay in your lovely home