to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Nov 30, 2009

Audax Textile Museum Tilburg

Located in a former Textile Factory the Audax Textile Museum - in Tilburg Netherlands - houses a dynamic 'TextielLab', a modern contemporary studio. The cooperation between students, designers and artists lead to new techniques, textile artworks and novelties in design products. Visitors witness the whole process from sketch to end product.

Signs on the floor mark out the space for each individual process in the making of new products.

New textile designs in the lasercut area.

Interesting to witness how the lasercut actually functions. I always wondered, now I know.

New techniques.

New designs.

New textiles.

The progress of colours in the weaving.

A treasure box full of colour in the tufting area.

The original design of the artist is reproduced on a large scale.

The backside of things, even on a Sunday one can see how the work progresses.

Next to the modernized part, the old weaving-looms are still in function and used by designers to use the old technique with new fibers.

Giant spools.

The upstairs area with impressive looms still weaving gorgeous Damask.

Old engine room still working.

Giant wheel still turning.

Industrial architecture.
There was a great exhibition going on from Japanese poetic fashion designer Akira Minagawa and his fashion label minä perhonen. Not only clothes but also furniture. Taking pictures was not allowed in that area, too bad. During this exhibition - still on display until February 28, 2010 - a few of his designs are for sale in the delightfull museum shop.

And don't miss the nice cafeteria with original chairs and tasty food.


The Textile Museum is the driving force behind the Mommers quarter, a cluster of creative people who work with textiles. Small creative textile companies can establish themselves on the grounds. Businesses that make designs, produce in small numbers, display their products and offer them for sale.

Nov 29, 2009

Dirk Eelen - studio revisited


Sunday November 29 from 14h00 until 18h00
It started yesterday with a great party !!!

A tiny 'village' of old industrial buildings.

Looks promising.

A catchy painting, too late ... it is sold.

I love the links objects make to one another. Painting (detail) of a forest road next to a pile of wood next to a burning fire.

Hmmm, wondering if this is an intentional setting or just a forgotten piece.

Cozy corner next to the fire.

Sorry for the light reflecting in the paintings, and no, it is not the artist in the picture.

The party is about to start with nice food ...

... and drinks

It was years ago I've danced for such a long time, it was great. Thanks Dirk and Luc for the great party.
Luc Huysman shows his works at the same time, have a look at the other post I did today.

View a better version of the paintings on this site : Click the icons for additional information.

A previous visit to the studio in this POST

Luc Huysman - open door

Saturday 28 november - that was yesterday, and it finished with a great party!!
Sunday 29 November from 14.00 until 18.00
Waversebaan 164 Heverlee-Belgium
Cold, rainy, windy weather. At home it is cozy with the woodfire going; but there are 2 artists having an open door and we'd love to see their new work.

One of painter Luc Huysman's favorite themes.

Different buildings filled with artwork.

The party is next door adjacent to Dirk Eelens's studio; this post later today. Need to sort and work on these pictures. We left the dance floor at 2.00 in the morning.

Yesterday I realized that I had some unpublished pictures of a previous open studio day of Luc Huysman. These pictures date from 2 years ago.

I love the studio, it is located in a classroom with the old schoolfurniture still there.

Nov 27, 2009

De Pont - Tilburg

A nice trip to Holland took us to the Bill Viola exhibition 'Intimate Work' in Tilburg. Each one of the 13 works by this leading video-artist is shown in a former wool-storage room. Some of them are really moving and catching.

On top of that the De Pont Museum houses a collection of contemporary art. Just a few of the many artworks here ...

Richard Long - UK - part of Planet Circle
in the background Marlene Dumas - SA - The First People

Giuseppe Penone - Italy - Sulla punta della dita

Christian Boltanski - France - Les Bougies

Marien Schouten - Netherlands - Green Room/Snake

Anish Kapoor - India - A Thousand Names

Roni Horn - USA - Pair Field