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Nov 26, 2009

Camiel Van Breedam - 7² x 2

I felt like a child in a candystore or toyshop at the 7² x 2 exhibition. I could spend a whole day here.

Lovely bits and pieces of worn wood, lovingly assembled turn into fragile poetic sculptures.

Simple, pure, elegant.

Finished to perfection.

98 objects are divided into 7 groups according to a theme.

Mostly in wood, but also other reclaimed materials are used.

The expo has a great catalogue with two pages for each work, I love it!

Camiel Van Breedam (B) - the artist who always wears red -
makes assemblages, collages, sculptures and environments working with discarded materials.

Exhibition at the Middelheim museum -Antwerp until December 20, 2009
UPDATE : the exhibition will remain until January 10, 2010 which is great news, I might visit it again when in Antwerp.

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