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Nov 4, 2009

Auberge de La Faveur - charming guesthouse

Great time of the year for a trip to France. Located in the hills of the Northern Alsace, in a regional nature park, surrounded by forests. Two medieval castles in ruins as neighbours, this area offers the highest concentration of castles in Europe. This is the setting of Auberge de la Faveur, a charming guesthouse owned by two great local artists France & Hugues Sipptrott.

Every room - 8 in total - has a different theme and atmosphere and is decorated by artists and has original artworks on display.

Some snapshots, I just had very little time to make decent pictures.

Le mystère de la chambre Jaune - the Mystery of the Yellow Room

artwork by Pierre Gangloff

artwork by Pascal H Poirot

Every room has its own little story told by France who has a delightful way of saying things.

La Chambre du Chasseur - the Hunters Room
art by Pascal H Poirot

Simple but very cosy rooms.

La Chambre de l'Ecrivain - the Writers Room

artwork by Pphs

Guests are invited to start a poem or novel and leave some scribbles behind. France will collect them to assemble in new stories or poems.

Chambre Mondriaan Room

art by France Siptrott
La chambre Matrimoniale - the Matrimonial Room
Every room has its own distinctive furniture from a different era, restyled and decorated according to the theme.

art by France Sipptrott
La Chambre du Moine - the Monks Room
Hansel & Gretel Room

These delightful naive paintings are from Yessih and are portraits of France & Hugues, the owners of 'Auberge de la Faveur'. The doorfront of the wardrobe shows their private house and domestic animals.

This is the room we stayed in and my handbag I made last winter works well with the colours here.

The Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park is classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

More about the guesthouse, artworks and its surroundings in the coming days.
Use the 'search this blog' on the right of the page to view more work of France & Hugues Sipptrott.

UPDATE 18.10.2010

At the end of October 2010 'Auberge de la Faveur' is closing in its present form.
Taken over by a new owner it will have another name and have a new chef in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

that throw in the Mondriaan room spoils it!

hildA said...

The picture with the throw is the writer's room. Sorry it is not so clear.
I'd love to decorate one or two walls of the Mondriaan. So next time we go we won't choose that one because it would be difficult te restrain myself from doing it!!!