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Nov 30, 2009

Audax Textile Museum Tilburg

Located in a former Textile Factory the Audax Textile Museum - in Tilburg Netherlands - houses a dynamic 'TextielLab', a modern contemporary studio. The cooperation between students, designers and artists lead to new techniques, textile artworks and novelties in design products. Visitors witness the whole process from sketch to end product.

Signs on the floor mark out the space for each individual process in the making of new products.

New textile designs in the lasercut area.

Interesting to witness how the lasercut actually functions. I always wondered, now I know.

New techniques.

New designs.

New textiles.

The progress of colours in the weaving.

A treasure box full of colour in the tufting area.

The original design of the artist is reproduced on a large scale.

The backside of things, even on a Sunday one can see how the work progresses.

Next to the modernized part, the old weaving-looms are still in function and used by designers to use the old technique with new fibers.

Giant spools.

The upstairs area with impressive looms still weaving gorgeous Damask.

Old engine room still working.

Giant wheel still turning.

Industrial architecture.
There was a great exhibition going on from Japanese poetic fashion designer Akira Minagawa and his fashion label minä perhonen. Not only clothes but also furniture. Taking pictures was not allowed in that area, too bad. During this exhibition - still on display until February 28, 2010 - a few of his designs are for sale in the delightfull museum shop.

And don't miss the nice cafeteria with original chairs and tasty food.


The Textile Museum is the driving force behind the Mommers quarter, a cluster of creative people who work with textiles. Small creative textile companies can establish themselves on the grounds. Businesses that make designs, produce in small numbers, display their products and offer them for sale.

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Sunster said...

nice posts
and yes, this is the textile place the Antwerp Academy students go to as well , to work on new textiles and laser cutting.
so I'm sure a lot of the collections we see at the academy , might have had some sort of involvement from this place