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Dec 1, 2009

Anne Miek Bibber - fun jewelry

Here is an exception to my rule of only using my own pictures. But these one-of-a-kind creations were so irresistible, I had to show it with permission from the artist for the use of her pictures.

'Mill Stone Collars' and other necklaces made from medicine cups. Colourful, original, fun, and I think it matches the title of this blog perfectly.
Anne Miek does not only make jewelry. Have a look at her Flickrstream to discover her talented skills.


wim said...

Wat ik zo interessant vind aan je blog is dat ik niet meer van mijn eiland weg moet en toch op de hoogte blijf van bv. de Camiel ;-)))

Anonymous said...

i love this kind of jewelry!!
looks so great and fun at the time, jewelry is not about boosting with diamonds and gold, but decoration.