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Nov 29, 2009

Dirk Eelen - studio revisited


Sunday November 29 from 14h00 until 18h00
It started yesterday with a great party !!!

A tiny 'village' of old industrial buildings.

Looks promising.

A catchy painting, too late ... it is sold.

I love the links objects make to one another. Painting (detail) of a forest road next to a pile of wood next to a burning fire.

Hmmm, wondering if this is an intentional setting or just a forgotten piece.

Cozy corner next to the fire.

Sorry for the light reflecting in the paintings, and no, it is not the artist in the picture.

The party is about to start with nice food ...

... and drinks

It was years ago I've danced for such a long time, it was great. Thanks Dirk and Luc for the great party.
Luc Huysman shows his works at the same time, have a look at the other post I did today.

View a better version of the paintings on this site : Click the icons for additional information.

A previous visit to the studio in this POST

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