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Nov 9, 2007

Cityscape - Arne Quinze

Cityscape is a gigantic dynamic sculpture of tangled wood, in the center of Brussels, by Belgian Artist and designer Arne Quinze.
The installation reflects a moment frozen in time.
It will stay on the site for a whole year and will then be recycled into building material. If you're passing by in the neighbourhood it is worthwhile stopping here. Walking under this construction, with sun rays playing through the slats of wood, is a nice experience. With a span of 40 meters it is quite impressive. 60.000 meters of wood were used to build this - in some articles I read that it was a few kilometer, but ...

The tall building in the background of the picture is the Hilton Hotel, if you get the chance to go to one of the top floors, the view on the structure must be amazing. I only saw a view from above on a picture. To see the whole building process check out the blog.
the recent structure The Sequence on the post HERE


emmanuel said...

i really like it

hildA said...

thank you, I like it very much too. I wish you a great idea and good luck for the Festival d'Art Environmental.