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Nov 26, 2007

environmental art

While driving from one location to the next during the art tour, we saw these piled up reels (used for electricity cables) in a field. In the distance they somehow look like Pagodas. There was no mention of this work in the catalogue, so I guess it is a work from previous years. I don't know who made them. If someone can tell me I will add the name of the artist to this post.
The weather was very dark and rainy, and the dirt road leading to it was very muddy. We might have to come back one day with better weather conditions.
update : an anonymous reader told me the work is from Julos Beaucarne, an artist in many ways and living in this area. Click his name to see his blog and there click Pagodes for more pictures


Anonymous said...

It's a Julos Beaucarne's work...

hildA said...

thank you very much, I will add it to the post with a link to his site.