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Nov 18, 2007

art tour - Fêtes de la Saint Martin

Les Fêtes de la Saint Martin, an art tour in the Walloon part of Belgium, more than 100 artists participating on many locations. With performances and music.

intriguing portraits

interesting spaces

exhibitions in centuries old barns three times the size of a church

Catalina Van Cauwelaert

nice details in artists' studios

beautiful details on old farmhouses
Yves Fièvé

brave artists in ice cold stables giving explanations to interested art lovers
the old farmhouses are worthwhile doing the tour as well. We got to the most impressive one (not the one on the photo) when it was getting too dark to make pictures, it was an enormous farmhouse from the 17th century, build like a fortress.

Catalina Van Cauwelaert
small courtyards in humble farmhouses
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more of this tomorrow
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Yves Fièvé :
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Dick said...

I am interested in Catalina Van Cauwelaert's work. I saw her exhibition at the Cafe del Mar en San Francisco, Mexico. Do you know if there is a contact for her or any way to see more of her work?
Thank you for the post.