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Jul 17, 2008

floral art - fiber art - vegetal art

more from the art tour Kunst op het Hof

Sabine Bolk
a rice (and lentils and corn) carpet by Dutch artist

Rita van Gansbeke put up an installation with potatoes in one (of three) of the huge potatoe cellars. The very long table dressed with red Franceline potatoes leads to a giant circle of salt with dried peels in the center. 5 collums are dressed with jewelry ...
fabulous textures by fiber artist An Lanckman


and what about the potatoes? here they come ...

work with dried potato peel from the Floweracademy

As a tribute to the many potatoe-peelers in this former colony of vagabonds and homeless people,

... made of dried parts from the potato plant

by expert floral designer and master florist Rita Van Gansbeke

At the end of the long table 6 lights made with ordinary jars, inside a photo of potatoes. The look on the face of the girl in the shop when I said I just wanted to take pictures of potatoes !!!
I will now replace the pictures with ones of tomatoes, peas, beans, asparagus .... to make them colourful and I will hang them over my dining table.

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PLUMe said...

j'adore ce travail avec de la matière végétale. ça me rappel les travaux de Bob Verschueren.

hildA said...

bonjour Emmanuel,
ce sont des oeuvres fascinantes et le contraste avec mes lampes en plastique ne pouvait être plus contrastant.
Bob Verschueren, je vais de suite le 'googeler'