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Jul 15, 2008

Good Mood Gallery

Kunst op het Hof
where 30 artists exhibit their works in farms
during three days
this year's theme : eating and drinking
Peeping through the window of the former potato-cellar of the colony where in a recent past 7.000 people where located (imagine the amount of potatoes needed to feed them all).

an estimation of 5.000 visitors did visit the art tour
some of my latest works - hard to photograph

The tour was 32 KM long and our site was at the end of it. A lot of tired faces, but once they came into the cellar all the faces started to smile and laugh. Good Mood Gallery is the right name for this work.
Too tired myself now to give a decent resume of what I saw. After sorting more than 500 pictures I'll post a few on the other artists.
It was a very tiring weekend (and the weeks previous to it also), but we met some amazing people (more about that later) and had very good contacts with other artists. It definitely was worth the trouble and problems encountered.
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