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Jul 10, 2008

setting up

The location of the art tour is quite a special one. Set in the former farm of a colony that housed thousands of vagabonds and homeless people.
After waiting for several hours to get the electricity connected, we could finally start the set up. Before leaving I had to cover all the pieces as there is an awful lot of dust and dirt from years and years in this former potato-cellar. The room wasn't cleaned as promised and doing it the same day as the set up would only cause the dust flying around everywhere and settle on the lights later.
When hundreds of people will walk through this room, the problem remains. I'm desperate.

hmmm ... I quite like it this way too

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debby said...

hola hilda! it's always great to meet new artists in this grand landscape of the web. thank you for the comment you left about my recent painting titled, "montgo". looking forward to reading more about your sculptures. good luck with the exhibit. looking great! ciao.

hildA said...

thank you Debby for your visit and kind comment,

I planned to have the dotted chair done for the exhibition as I have a participation in that too, but I didn't have enough time.

hildA said...

participation in the chair project for the circusschool, that is