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Jul 26, 2008

Olga Dengo - colourful painter, charming hostess

Celebrating the 1st anniversary of her Studio/Gallery/Waterfront Art & Guesthouse in Antwerp with her latest works.

Set in a quiet and unique location at the old docks very near the city centre, worthwhile a visit or stay in the stylish house Olga Dengo has decorated herself.

The artist from Mozambique, living in Antwerp - Belgium, next to a piece that I could not resist. I already had made up my mind to buy it when Wouter, her husband, told me that it was made from part of a broken African chair (being in the broken and rebuilding chair-business this really convinced me I wanted it in my house). It symbolises a Zulu lady with rings around the neck. So now I'm the proud and happy owner of this piece, I have the perfect spot for it and will update the post with a picture of its place once I put it up properly.

and the sign she probably puts up when at worksmall detail of one of her large paintings

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Anonymous said...

Dit is wel een heel bizondere aanwinst, surtout omdat het een stuk van een stoel is, het lijkt mij de rugleuning te zijn.
Het werk van Olga doet mij ook denken aan Basquiat.
"Rock balancing" is uiteraard ongelooflijk, ik heb het voorlopig bij m'n favorieten gezet, het is niet allemaal in één keer te savoureren.

Anonymous said...