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Oct 2, 2007


Another studio we visited during the open days in Antwerp.

I was particularly drawn towards this black painting with bright colours; bright colours always attract me.
At a closer look I saw that pieces of African fabrics were included, which made me like it even more. When I heard that this painting was actually created in Mozambique, my heart skipped a beat.

My late brother Herman was sent to Mozambique to start the AZG-MSF mission since he spoke Portuguese. I think that was 21 or 22 years ago. He knew I love these African fabrics a lot, bright colours, bold patterns; so when he came back he brought me several of them. It is on one of these fabrics I painted his portrait, I signed it ... Mozambique.
The artist Olga Dengo and her husband started the Waterfront Art & Guest House.

They found a unique and quiet location at the old docks, at walking distance from the busy city centre. If you need to stay in Antwerp and you don't like hotels, this seems to be the perfect place to stay. The owners are a charming couple.

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