to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Oct 27, 2007


I will take you on an art walk in Brussels today.
This will take some time, so grab a cup of coffee or pour yourself a glass of wine
and enjoy.


is part of

each of the 27 countries of the European Union sent a young artist to Brussels.
27 artists on 27 squares in the center of the city.

Sophie Nys
Jean-Baptiste Van Helmont
(he invented some kind of gas, hence the balloons)

Radovan Cerevka
(symbolizing fortress Europe?)

Rodrigo Oliveira
(2 busses are linked together in opposite directions)
The church in the background is the one where Breughel (the young?) is buried.

Wouter Klein Velderman
This is the business we've chosen

Fia-Stina Sandlund
One more monument
(in the reflection you can detect the monument in honour of the fallen soldiers from the World Wars)

Melita Couta
Special Offer
(a copy of the monument standing in the background.
On shelves on the four sides and on the top
were actually very cheap, red plastic copies of classic statues.
8 days after the start of this project all of them are already stolen)

Virgil Scripcariu
Noah's Ark

Antonio Ruiz MontesinosE-Doubts
(each country of the EU has a similar symbol with the colours of the flag and their position on the planet. These symbols are scattered all over the square, so that from the sky you would actually see their position like on a map. Standing on the square, it is impossible to see the whole artwork. This is Ireland in one of the corners)

AssocreationRed Carpet
(Directly opposite the Royal Palace, a red carpet made from brooms. Walking on it is not easy at all, it is everything but elegant. Quite funny)

Gaja ZornadaYou are here
(referring to city maps where 'you are here' points out where you are standing. On this board you can leave any comment you like. The writing man is not part of the artwork, he is my own private sponsor)

Yota IoannidouPublic Exchange Store
(A kiosk where people can bring an item they don't want anymore, and in exchange will get something else. Unfortunately there are not enough volunteers to keep the store open every day. I was going to exchange something and incorporate the item I would get in return in an artwork. I will have to come again some time)
the Public Exchange Store is open every Wednesday & Saturday 14.00 - 17.00

Antonio Pio SaracinoAdolescence of Force
(the photo of a woman is on the back of this, holding the same light object. The base was already full of graffiti)

Milkintas RimantasBalance

Alicja Karska & Aleksandra WentCurtain
(the Opera house. With this curtain you can ask yourself : where is the stage? is it inside or is it in fact the outside world?)

Roland QuetschPecunia non olet
(a large room in steel, with this bunny head where you can put yours in. Opposite and at the two sides of it are camera's -already stolen. By sending a text message, you can activate the camera's, and the pictures are sent to the location where the indoor exhibition of this project takes place, and where the pictures are exhibited.)

Peter LiversidgeProposals for Brussels
(on large panels along the square are 200 proposals of what the artist would do with this square. They will be published in a book so that one can verify what is left of it. This is one of them)

Many of the artworks were actually impossible to photograph. At one location we couldn't find the artwork, was that the artwork in itself ? was it stolen ? or did we simply look over it?

13 oct 2007
9 dec 2007
I hope you enjoyed this walk.
Brussels is my birth town, but I left it some 30 years ago. I rarely go back. It was strange for me to walk on squares where I have lived (the house from the 17th century is not there any more) , and walk through the street where I was born. You can imagine that in 30 years many things have changed.


Yota Ioannidou said...

I 'd like to inform you that the Public Exchange Store is open every Wednesday and Saturday 14:00-17:00.

hildA said...

thank you, I'll add it to the post