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Jan 13, 2011

Alvaro Tamarit - scrap wood design

Wood... old bits of wood ... scraps of wood with flaked and fading paint...  My favourite material. 
I've seen a tiny part of heaven in Jessica Bataille's shop in Javea.
Alvaro Tamarit has become one of my favourite artists.

I wonder if his studio lies behind this curtain, I didn't dare to ask to have a peek inside.

Mixed media collages and a sculpture similar to the ones we saw in the wine bar in the previous post.

A growing sculpture with separate 'building blocks'.

I'd love to be a child again when I see this ... irresistable

The tiniest colourful scraps are used (very inspiring, my studio is filled with them).

Could I turn this into a space with a desk for my computer?

But the PIECE DE RESISTANCE is definetely this one ...


Next time we go to Spain we'll have to take the car,  I didn't dare to take one of the art works on the plane.

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Ministryofdeco said...

I´ve done a report of Tamarit´s house on Singulares Magazine, you´ll love it: