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Jan 16, 2011

Rewind - redesigning and upcycling

Friends, living in Antwerp, took us to a shop yesterday they were sure I'd love to see.  And right they were, this is right up my alley.  More scrap wood !!! and more delightful recycling.

Replex Table by Ruud Van Hemert & Stijn Van Oorschot at
I'm speechless ... not able to describe the ingenious beauty of this table. 

Jacqueline Le Bleu makes spectacular furniture with recycled wood.  Have a look at her site to dicover breathtaking pieces.

Fun and colourful furniture made from books, more Jacqueline Le Bleu.

More scrapwood furniture, artist unknown ...

I've been making smaller objects with scrap wood some months ago and have more plans in this direction.  This seems to be popping up everywhere now.  Can't get enough of it.

birdhouses by Bom Design Furniture

Designer unknown

Stefan Lehner - Chain Chair

Old chair covered in painted canvas.  If I'm not mistaken this is Swarm by Leslie Oschmann.

Gascase Diesel & Fuel

Seeing these lights - in the following picture - got me into a light shock...

very similar to my Good Mood Lights (HERE and HERE) but still different enough.  Lights by Gino Rizzi.

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Robert Vandevelde said...

amazing! you are in good company though. i do remember sonny putting a picture in his blog year's ago about Rizzi and remarking how similar it was to your work.