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Jan 31, 2011

grey days in Paris

I love Paris in the ... well it happens to be winter, so we'll do with a few cloudy cold days.
Staying in the vivid Belleville area and walking all the way towards the city centre, colourful walls attract my attention.

On the local market nearly every van has been tagged.

One of the smaller streets has paintings on walls, doors and windows as far as one can see.  Pictures were taken at dusk and turned out to be too blue.



Museum of Quai Branly, more on that in the next days.

more Paris the next days...

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Robert Vandevelde said...

you will love the work of Bansky, a UK graffiti artist who is now quiet famous. also the movie: Exit through the gift shop, by french man Thierry Geutta about graffiti artists and trying to contact this Bansky.