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Nov 21, 2007

light up the dark days

As Christmas is approaching I'm thinking of how to bring more light into my house this year. Every year I try to do it somehow different without buying ready made items. It is in this time of year that they're is a need for more light as the dark evenings and nights are very long. That is the original meaning of the Yule-fest : the celebration of the light, the solstice of winter where the daylight starts to come back. So the decoration I use has always something to do with light. Yesterday I felt the urge to try something new in my 'pillar' series (the slide show on the right called Honderdwater), but without the mosaic. The new columns will be topped by a glass globe with light. This one is just a quick 'sketch', things are likely to change before it is finished. I hope to make a few of them the next weeks. But they're definitely not just Christmas decoration.

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