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Dec 15, 2008

the Sequence - Arne Quinze

The Sequence, an 80 meter long and 15 meter high sculpture, generates movement in the city and creates a bridge between people. On a unique location crossing the Parliament with the House of Flemish Representatives.

Pictures taken at dusk; I will have to come back at daytime to try to get sharper ones, my fingers were freeeeezing.

The whole process of building day by day can be seen on the blog of the Sequence :
Cityscape by Arne Quinze in a previous post : HERE


PLUMe said...

fascinant : j'adore!

hildA said...

merci emmanuel, je vous souhaite déjà une bonne année 2009

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine thet at some point he came to the conclusion : enough is enough. By the way, les photos sont splendide.