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Nov 29, 2008

local exhibition & tribute

Jeanny Reynders

Our municipality organizes an exhibition with local artists every two years. It's the Weekend van de Lubbeekse Kunstenaars - Weekend of the Artists from Lubbeek.
More than 60 creative people display their work.

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November 2008
from 11.00 until 18.00
at PBE, Diestsesteenweg 126
Linden - Lubbeek

This edition pays tribute to late Anita Huybens.
Visitors can bring a stone or pebble to participate in an active way to remember this artist; during the exhibition the following days a stoneman will rise. The significance of stonemen were an inspiration for Anita's work and ideas.

setting up the exhibition

setting up my work (not a lot this year)

installation detail from ceramist Martine Vanbever

Steve Haesevoets

Live live live ....

a moving sculpture by Anita Huybens

the Flowers for Peace on display at the local town hall

info on her Flowers for Peace project :
info on her Chair Project for the Palestinian Circusschool :
more posts on Anita Huybens and the Flowers for Peace : HERE

UPDATE : the stoneman's birth and at the end of the first day

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