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Aug 14, 2009

Holiday in Melsbroek - Sven 'T Jolle

Holiday in Melsbroek by Sven 'T Jolle

Inspired by an article in a paper, Sven 'T Jolle copied the picture of the childrens' playground at the centre of asylum seekers in Melsbroek near the National Airport.
Location : beach of Nieuwpoort - Belgium

Triannial of contemporary Art by the Sea Beaufort 03 - 28.03.2009 - 04.10.2009 - all along the Belgian coast.
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Sunster said...

awesome photos
the light
the colours

one of those lucky summer moments


hildA said...

thanks for the compliment from a photographer !!
we're having a gorgeous summer here, great weather for nice pictures. soon I will post a series of pictures on a very special sculpture where the sun makes all the difference.

Ve,ce said...

You can find an article on the christmas show with Sven't Jolle at Laurent Godin Gallery on