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Mar 2, 2010

François du Plessis' studio

Ever since our first visit to the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels last year I had these works on my mind, although not exactly the first day.  I noticed them enough to make pictures, works from other artists caught more attention.  But in a short time these shifted backwards in my mind to make room for the works of South African artist François du Plessis.  I looked at the pictures I'd taken every now and then and it was a undeniable attraction; the fondness grew and turned into love.  This years' visit to the art fair was mainly because I hoped to see more of his works ... And there it was ... I couldn't stop looking at it, thinking of it, dreaming of it.  But it was out of my reach ...

Skipping part of the story ...

There it is in my dining room and it looks as if it was made to be here.  I caress the different bits of colourful reclaimed wood, examin the shapes and shades and different textures and added bits of metal and felt. And my spirits rise every time I look at it.
And no ... I'm not showing what I bought ... it is mine now ... for the rest of my days.

Skipping part of the story again ....

Here is the artists' studio, it seems he works and lives in Aachen-Germany which is only an hours drive from our home.

work in progress

material for future projects

more work in progress

François du Plessis with sculptures ready for an upcoming exhibition.

And a sneak preview of a work ready to be shipped to a gallery in South Africa.  Theme is the upcoming Football World Cup.

Thanks François, we've enjoyed you're charming company very much and hope to hear your live music band one day.

An interview with François Du Plessis HERE (bottom of the page on the left, click tiny square icon under Aflevering 4 to start video and fast forward to 15.10 to the introduction on Atelierhaus Aachen or to 16.50 to see François in his studio, interview in Dutch/Afrikaans)

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