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Mar 24, 2010

a stroll through the parks

Walking crisscross through Copenhagen on a cold but sunny day.  
The very first spring flowers show up, earlier than where I live in Belgium!

The botanical garden with it's beautiful glasshouse.  Water still frozen, but what are these nice objects floating in the lake?

- breathing vessels meeting nature -

Anonymous artist.
UPDATE : The artist is Britt Smelvaer and here is a LINK - in Danish - to her work.  And here is her own site

Another park,  anonymous artist.

On my way I find a tree full with these ..., I wonder what it means.

Unusual but fun idea for a playground for small children.

Wondering if this is just graffitti or meant as an arty seat since I can't detect paint on the metal parts.

And you can't go to Copenhagen for the first time without paying a visit to her.

More Copenhagen in the coming days with stunning design shops, a funky art hotel, a local artist at work and ... even a jump over the border to Sweden.

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