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Mar 27, 2010

Designer Zoo - pure Danish

Dzoo is a working design store in Copenhagen based on a community of 8 designers with their studios right next to the shop.  This is what makes this place so interesting.  Almost everything is made right here.

Furniture, jewelry, knitwear, glass, ceramics by Danish designers.

A great variety of colours is available for the 'homemade' tables.

Beautiful knitwear in great colours and lovely textures made right here.

Designer Catherine Kahrs at work in her studio behind the shop. 

A piece almost ready.

Worth while a visit when in Copenhagen.


Anonymous said...

Nice, modern design.
Could you kindly inform where I can find your things in Finland ?
Varpu Kuusela-Utriainen, interiordesigner

hildA said...

Hello Varpu Kuusela-Utriainen,
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
If you're looking for Designer Zoo products in Finland, I'd suggest you get in contact with them through their site

If you're looking for my creations - hildA De Schutter (writer of this blog) I must disappoint you, my work is only available in Belgium.
hildA de schutter
hildA de schutter