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Mar 1, 2010

AHA - artists exchange

Das Kunstwerk Köln zu Gast im Atelierhaus Aachen

A very stormy sunday, but still we decide to visit the exhibition in Aachen-Germany.  Atelierhaus Aachen is a site were 42 artists have their studios, but this exhibition shows artists coming from Kunstwerk Köln.

Frank Schaefer - left and Christina Huch - right

Sonja Kuprat - left and Fabian Hochscheid - right

But the main reason why we decide to visit this former cloister is the hope of meeting an artist who has his studio here.  It is a wild guess he will be here, ...the story continious on tomorrow's post.  We finished the visit with a nice glass of wine in the local arty bar.

click on artists' names to enter their site

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