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Sep 23, 2010

Bones & Trees & History

The Archéoforum is a subterranean space under the Saint Lambert square in Liège - Belgium. The excavation site takes you on a tour through 9000 years of history of the city.
A unique space where 14 artists were invited to exhibit works.


Centuries old remnants discovered after excavations meet contemporary art.  Claire Begon in the background.
Taking pictures here was extremely difficult with my tiny camera, Not the best quality...

Eline 't Sant

Eline 't Sant - detail of one of the four installations
view more work by Eline in the 'search this blog on top right of page

Mario Ferretti

Mario Ferretti - detail of installation
more work by Mario Ferretti, click HERE

Romain Van Wissen

Sofi Van Saltbommel

Stephan Vee

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