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Sep 15, 2010

Inspiring history

When visiting the Meuse region to explore 'Le Vent des Forêts' one becomes aware that this region has a traumatic history dating from the first World War. The whole region suffered severely and many scars are still visible.
It is not a surprise to discover that artists will be influenced by this past.

Miguel-Angel Molina (Spain-France) - 2004 - Inside-Outside & 3 x 4 - 12
#110 & #110bis

Louis Guingot, an artist at the Ecole de Nancy - France, invented the camouflage motif.  It is in 1915 that the French Army used the camouflage paint for the first time.
That evening, driving towards our lovely guesthouse - le Domaine de Pomone - for the next nights we spot this strange hill, the Butte de Montsec.
It is a War Memorial commemorating the American offensive near Saint-Mihiel in 1918 where many of them where killed. 

Le Vent des Forêts
About 90 from the 165 works made since 1997 are displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest.  Accessible from February until late September.

Hundreds of pictures need to be sorted, it will take some time to post them ...
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