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Sep 14, 2010

Le Vent des Forêts - Cuvée 2010

Wind in the Forest
In July, six villages in the forest - in the Meuse region (France) - invite international artists to take a different look at nature and create works displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest.
(and yes!! we managed it in 2 1/2 days)
I'll start with the latest artworks. 

Claudia Comte (Switserland) - Saphira - #159

Evariste Richer (F) - La molécule du territoire - #163

Karina Bisch (France) - Twisted Cube - #158

Emmanuelle Lainé (France)- Le Voile du Palais - #161

Stefan Rinck (Germany) - One of those who remained in the forest - #164

Jean-Luc Verna (France) - Réenchantement - #165

The forest is accessible from February until late September.  In winter it is not advised to visit the woods because of the hunting season ... one does not want to bump into a panicking wild boar or hit by a stray bullet.
All info is available at the local villages.  A detailed map of the forest helps to find the works.  We've missed three or four ... gone? overlooked? moved to another location?...

And be sure to wear sturdy boots when visiting as the tracks do look like this in some parts of the beautiful forest ...

We really enjoyed the walks, we'll be back one day.

There are many works remaining from the previous years. It started in 1997 so many of the works have disappeared, collapsed or are severely damaged. I'm not going to post all the pictures in one continuous flow of posts. I will occasionally post them grouped into themes the next weeks. Click on label below "le Vent des Forêts" to view them.

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