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Jan 5, 2009

Mémorial du mépris - Jean Pirnay

Coming back from spending the holidays at my fathers' near the German border we passed this field in a tiny village. It was obvious this was an art installation.

Jean Pirnay is a local artist who expresses the social tragedy caused by the recent worldwide economical crisis. A few powerful men have caused losses of millions of jobs, and get away with astronomical bonuses.

Jean Pirnay
last picture taken from his blog
UPDATE january 18: more victims have been added to the memorial. The following pictures provided by the artist.

Jean Pirnay asks people to participate in the artwork by bringing workgear that can be attached to the crosses, symbolising the loss of jobs.
Jean Pirnay about his work on local television HERE
A post on an exhibition with more works by Jean Pirnay HERE

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This is absolutely wonderful!