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Mar 21, 2011

treehuggers greeting spring

It's official now, it is spring!  Great weather to work in the garden and renew our herb and vegetable garden.
But first I'd like to take you back to last year's visit to Copenhagen, Denmark with some unpublished pictures that are inspiring just now.

It looks dreary at the end of winter, but soon the neighbourhood will gather again to put new life into ...

... Dufthaven - the scented garden next to the harbour.


Just around the corner of the very impressive city-hall of Copenhagen, behind the statue of Hans-Christian Anderson are 9 figures queuing...

An installation set up for the International Climate Change Conference in 2009...

by Polish artists Agnieszka Gradzik & Wiktor Szostalo

The  Tree Hugger Project
Here is a LINK to a video showing the installation of the sculptures.


Sunday in our garden ... the weather is promising.  Still freezing at night, in the morning the grass is crispy with frosted dew, but the sun is out and ready to bring everything in bloom.  Time for new herbs in the garden and built small fences to protect them from the pheasants. 

Later on we spot two deer running along the hedge, mmmmh... we might have to build higher fences.

Still a lot to do but soon we'll be able to cook outside again and use our own fresh produce for tasty meals.

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Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Wonderful post. Thank you so much! I'll be linking on Facebook

hildA said...

Thanks Nancie,
I'm glad you like it.
and wishing you a sunny and colorful spring

Evan said...

Dear Hilda
I love this blog-post...
It is very interesting
Where is it?????

Happy Birthday

hildA said...

Hi Evan,
So nice to see you here!!
The first part (scented garden & treehuggers) are pictures we took in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2010.
The last two pictures are taken at our back door to the garden, Wim & Sonny took some large shrubs from there and replanted them a bit further. I know it looks very different than what you saw in summer last year.
And thanx for the nice birthday greetings.
Hope you are all well.
hugs to all of you
from a country somewhere up north...