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Mar 29, 2011

great expectations

The first day in Stockholm  ... I've got a few hours in the afternoon and decide it would be perfect to visit Magasin 3 Konsthall at the port, away from the city centre.  I don't like public transport, I love to see the city change as one walks through different neighbourhoods.
My feet will take me there, it is a long walk....

This is a very quiet neighbourhood, and the large streets are empty on a wednesday afternoon. 

It is a long and hard winter this year, snow and ice still visible.  Stockholm must be a beautiful green city in summer.

Leaving the city, icy strong winds, not there yet.

In the premises of the port... a bus ruins my nice shadow...

Storage space for exotic goods ... this is the port.

Nearly there.

I really am enjoying this great light, it takes forever for the sun to set.  Magasin3, the sign is lit... let's go in.

D..n, door is closed.  "Pull hard" it mentions, so I do ... several times.  Door remains closed.  Look at the small text... this place is open only 3 days a week!  Disappointment... I need to pay more attention to websites next time.

The sculpture in the front of the building is the only artwork I'll see today.

Truls Melin - Mental Togetherness - 2009

I have to continue my walk, but there is nothing else to see here.

A Swedish style house, would make a nice doll's house.

The low sun creating vivid effects.

Maybe next time.

Well, I get some compensation.  I don't miss the gorgeous sunset.  And we finish the day with a sumptuous meal.

Two days later we will be back at Magasin3.
More on that in the next post...

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