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Mar 5, 2011

fading landart

It is the sad fate of landart that it doesn't last forever.  Made with local materials and subject to the devastating elements it is bound to disappear.  Many of the artworks at "Le Vent des Forêts" are gone already, I wonder if these ones have survived the past winter.

Agnès Huber, Valérie Mair, Herbert Schönegger - Backbone - 2003

Urs Twellman

Urs-P Twellmann - No Title - 2003

Not a good picture, but it is the only one showing how long the legs are and how tall this sculpture must have been before collapsing.  It looks like a wooden version of Louise Bourgeois' giant spider sculptures.

Charlotte Peter - Petite Amie - 2003

Here is a link to the artists' page of that year, click on the artists' names in the list to view the original artworks in their early stage.

Le Vent des Forêts
Northern France, six villages in an enchanting Forest in the Meuse region.
About 90 from the 165 works made since 1997 are displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest. Accessible from February until late September.

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