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Mar 15, 2011

Hotel Drouot - auction house in Paris

We got this great tip, if you like vintage and design or antiques.  The landlord of our B&B in Paris occasionally sells antiques at the Hotel Drouot, so we decided to go and have a look.  The items for sale will vary from day to day but it is quite fun to to discover treasures in this place.  Ideal on a cold or rainy day.

One room is filled with fashion, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

A 'Vivienne Westwood' is waiting for its next owner.

This collection gives me ideas for a few projects.

Centuries old antiques in another room (just a tiny part of it on the picture, the African objects seemed very popular as it was pretty crowded there).

These don't fit in my home (nor my budget) but I do love them.

Definitely a favourite, I have a soft spot for old wood.

Another room filled with art.

Orlinski in the auction, just some minutes walking from here I see a brandnew one in a gallery.

One needs some time to browse through the massive selection and I haven't made pictures in all the rooms.

Dalí on a rug.

A room with a Souk feeling, from top to bottom filled with carpets and rugs of all kinds.

There was no specific design sale the next days but check the auction site for upcoming exhibitions and sales.

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Brent Worth said...

What days is it open?!? Trying to find it on line but hitting a wall...

hildA said...

Hi Brent Worth,
Hotel Drouot has 4 different houses in Paris, each one with its own speciality.
The one I visited - Drouot Richelieu - is open monday-friday from 11h-18h (6PM), auction generally at 14h (2PM)
The others have different opening times, I hope you manage to open this link with more information :